Basic Window Styles from Milgard Windows Specials

If you are thinking of purchasing new windows, stop by at Index Windows. We offer special deals every month because we care about our customers. Try our Milgard windows special offers. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to purchase new Window Replacement in Los Angeles. If your windows are no longer enhancing the façade of your home and filtering out noise and pollution from the outside world, perhaps it is time you replace them with new ones or buy new Patio Doors Los Angelesthat will complement the overall setting of your home. Good quality and functional windows not only add aesthetic value to your home but also increase comfort, promoting peace and quiet.
However, replacing windows is an expensive prospect that not only includes the price of the window but also the cost of expert installation to ensure the windows perform as promised. It is thus imperative that you conduct proper research before investing in new replacement windows. Milgard windows specials offer a range of discounts on windows in a variety of colors and styles. You can contact us to learn more about the special deals and discounts, we even offer free screen upgrades at no additional charges. Consider the architectural style of your home before purchasing the window.
There are nine basic window styles in the US:

  • Casement: Windows can be opened for full ventilation
  • Bow: Windows have a casement or picture windows of equal widths.These windows feature a more contemporary design
  • Bay: Windows have an angular and traditional look and include a casement or double hung window on each side
  • Garden: Windows projects a 90o view from the house, accompanied by a glass roof. These windows are commonly used in kitchen areas as they are a popular place for growing herbs and spices.
  • Hopper: Hopper windows are somewhat similar to awning windows which are hinged at the top and can open outwards, typically found in basements.
  • Awning: These are rectangular windows that are hinged at the top and only open outwards
  • Double Hung: Both the top and bottom sash of the window opens vertically
  • Sliding: Windows are fixed horizontally and have gliding halves, where only one half of the window can be moved. We offer free grid upgrades at no additional costs and offer new key lock for your new sliding door purchase in our monthly specials.
  • Picture: Such windows cannot be opened at all but do not have a frame hence result in an unspoiled view

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