General Information

Do not buy or install any windows before you get a permit!

  • A building permit is required for all window replacements in Glendale at all types of buildings (residential, commercial, etc.).

  • Windows installed without a permit may need to be removed and replaced with appropriate windows. In addition, fees are doubled for work

performed without permit.

The design of the windows you propose will be reviewed by Planning Division staff as part of the permit process This design review applies only to window openings that are visible from the street - usually just the front of the building and the visible parts of the sides.

Window replacements that are not visible still require a building permit.

For houses, apartments, and condominiums, staff uses the Draft Design Guidelines for Residential Window Replacement. Proposals that meet the Guidelines can be approved by staff “over the counter.” Any proposal that cannot be modified to meet the Draft Guidelines must be
considered by the Design Review Board. Non-residential buildings are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Find the Draft Guidelines at:

  • These guidelines do not apply to properties listed on the Glendale Register or located in designated historic districts - contact the Historic

Preservation Planner at (818) 548-2140 for more information.
New windows must also meet specific energy efficiency guidelines (see page 3).

Submittal Requirements

• •

To get a building permit to replace windows, come to the Glendale Permit Services Center at the Glendale Municipal Services Building - 633 E. Broadway, Room 101, Glendale, 91206. If you need more information, please call (818) 548-3200.

See pages 3 and 4 for information about special requirements for bedroom windows and locations where tempered glass must be used.


Please bring:

1) Photographs of the overall building and the windows to be replaced (see page 2).

2) Site Plan - a line drawing of your property showing the structure and the locations of replacement windows (see page 2).

3) Window Schedule - a chart that describes the existing and proposed windows (see pages 4 and 5).

4) Product Information - materials that show what the new windows will look like. This can be a brochure from the manufacturer (with specific features of your proposed windows highlighted) or a specification sheet from the company that makes or sells the windows.

5) For condominiums: bring letter of approval from Homeowners Association indicating that proposed windows match (or will become) the building standard.

Number all windows in the photos to correspond to the numbers on the site plan and window schedule

Draw a site plan on an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper that shows an outline of the structure in relation to the lot boundary.

Highlight location of all windows - mark any window to remain as “Existing” or “(E)”

Number windows to correspond to Window Schedule (see page 4)

  • Show locations of all bedrooms

  • Show street(s) adjacent to property



2 or more photos taken from the sidewalk toward each side façade - this will tell us whether the side windows are visible from the street or not


You will need to bring several photographs of the property to help staff review your proposal.

Overview photo taken from the sidewalk directly in front of the building (take more for larger buildings)

Close up views of all windows (or groups of windows) to be replaced

All photos must be 4” x 6” minimum. Photo paper or plain paper are acceptable (for plain paper, include 2 photos per page)

Emergency Escape and Rescue Window Information

At least one (1) window in every bedroom must meet the minimum requirements for exiting in case of an emergency.

Required Dimensions:

  • 20” clear minimum width and 24” clear minimum clear height

  • 5.7 square feet minimum openable area EXCEPT 5.0 square feet minimum at grade-floor openings

  • Bottom of clear opening not more than 44” measured from the floor

Energy Efficiency Standards

New Windows Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  • 0.32 maximum U-factor

  • 0.25 maximum Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

  • Single-pane windows only permitted if these standards are met (generally through application of e-coating)

  • Owner must leave NFRC labels on windows for inspection 

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