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Fleetwood is a company that has been in business since 1961. They have assisted many customers with finding the best Fleetwood Windows And Doors to suit their needs. If you'd like to see what products they have designed and find out more about the style and craftsmanship, view the company's website. Fleetwood is well known for their focus on the finer details when it comes to designing top quality fixtures for residential buildings. If this appeals to you, it may be worth you while to shop for products from them. You can choose between aluminum thermally-improved windows, non-thermal windows, fiberglass windows, sliding doors in both thermal and non-thermal types, and hinged/pivot doors among other products.

Are you looking for Replacement Windows Pasadena? Fleetwood offers great options like the ones mentioned above. The one thing that you have to keep in mind, is that you will need a permit in order to start work on putting in new windows. If they will be somewhere that is visible from the street, you'll also need to have someone from the Planning Division of the town look over and approve the design before you install it. Once you have the go ahead, you can turn your vision of stylish windows into a reality. For people who are all about saving money and energy, the thermal line of products is an ideal choice.

It may seem a bit stressful to decide on which Replacement Windows Encino you want, if you can afford them, and how to go about getting a permit. However, we make it easier for you by helping you with many of these steps. When you are in the early stages, you can request an in-home estimate to see how much it would likely cost. Then, we can talk over creating a custom product that you'll love. Our skilled technicians handle all of the hard work of installing your Fleetwood Windows and Doors, so that you don't have to. Try out these energy efficient doors and windows and you will be relieved at how much lower your bill is and the level of comfort in your home.

Since 1961 Fleetwood has been manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes. Our dedication to architecture and high standards has established us as the leader in the market. Innovative and often imitated.

We sustain the American dream of success by relying upon God and appreciating this country's ingenuity and work ethic. These tenets, and others like them, have made the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

We invite you to explore this website and discover the products we make as well as our philosophy in bringing them to the market. We endeavor to build window and door products that are better, not cheaper.

Product Spotlights:

April: Narrow Style Hardware Design

  • Our entry level sliding door products (Series' 1070, 1050, 1000) come with hardware available from the "industry", which is primarily overseas production. The quality of this hardware falls short of our customer's expectations. We have made a commitment to design our own hardware, which will aptly be called "Archetype Narrow". It will come standard on all entry level sliding doors in brass (black painted or nickel plated) but will also be offered on the premium product lines (Series' 3070, 3050, 3300, 3000) with a narrow lock stile and in #316 alloy stainless steel. The designs were completed weeks ago and we anticipate the arrival by September.

March: High Performance Interlocker 3070CR/ 3300

  • Our October 2012 spotlight concerned three products in development. Two of those items (thermally broken interlockers) have just been completed and are now available for quoting and purchase. The standard interlocker is similar to the current shape but with struts instead of poured in place thermal material. The High Performance interlocker is a new design and will allow the Glacier and "CR" to be made with greater height and wind performance.

February: Casement Limit Device

  • Now shown in the Hinges section of our hardware page is a casement opening limit device. It is designed for butt hinge Westwood and Newport windows installed in windy areas. This optional "sash limiter" prevents the casement from opening further than 45 degrees (approximately). Though an option, we default to this device on larger casment windows.

January: New Aluminum Finish Sheets

  • Our newest rendition includes specially formulated paint colors to modestly match the custom earth tone anodic finishes F1-F5. These new sheets are free and are available upon request.

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Fleetwood Windows & Doors is continually making efforts to be "Green Friendly" and currently leads the fenestration market with the Greenestmulti-slide and sliding pocket doors in the United States. Our aluminum products are manufactured using recycled aluminum and glass and offered in inert coatings and finishes. To further promote global sensitivity, 100% of our aluminum scrap is recycled. 

Fleetwood's windows & doors are designed to be the epitome of luxury as well as extremely energy efficient. We are proud of ourNFRC and AAMA ratings and certifications. Fleetwood windows or doors are a great feature for use in your next LEED project or any home striving to be energy efficient! In fact, Fleetwood is the "Leeder" in providing LEED certified homes with green friendly windows and doors.


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